Catamaran Nord Martinique

The Journey

Meet at 8am at la Poterie Village


Means of access :
From Rivière-Salée, head towards Les Trois-Ilets, then after 3.5 km, on the right, take the red dirt road.

Discovery of fond de la baie • Trois-Ilets • Mangrove du Lamentin / Rivière-Salée
Sailing down the bay of Fort-de-France, towards the North Caribbean - Crossing the AGOA sanctuary - Observation of marine mammals
1st stopover in la baie de Saint-Pierre • Baignade et Apéro
Creole meal served on board as a buffet (rosé wine, coffee, rhum vieux St-James)
We follow this wild coastline as close as possible to its small hidden coves
2nd stopover at the foot of the Fond Giraumon cliffs • Plongée libre • Baignade • Farniente
Sailing up the bay of Fort-de-France
Arrival at La Poterie

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The Pearl of the North

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Excursion Martinique Catamaran "Pélagia"

Build at la Rochelle in the building site of Nautitech, PELAGIA es a cruising habitable catamaran of 62′ (circa 19m) ideal for navigating in the warm waters of the Caribbean with a shaded exterior area. Its design was created to carry around 28 passengers and 2 crew members per day for coastal navigation. The catamaran is equipped with 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms.

Its performance under sail will allow you to travel fast and in comfort, to enjoy the program of activities. PELAGIA is also very pleasant due to its deck layout, sunbathing area, and its “trampoline” in the front of the boat. It has a large cockpit very well protected from the sun, the rain, and the ocean spray, with a great “lounge spirit” salon with a sofa, and background music. PELAGIA hosts around its table all passengers on board for unforgettable moments. It allows you to discover, in a day, the universe of a trip on a boat. It can be hired privately according to your needs.

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Why would you go for an excursion to the Northern Sea of Martinique?

The northern coast of Martinique is a magnificent region with breathtaking landscapes. You can see the mountains and the volcano from far, and the ocean has a blinding shade of blue with turquoise waters that let the depths of the lagoon be seen through. The beaches and the creeks belong to a paradise too, and the region offers many activities. The northern coast of Martinique is the place where land meets the sea.

The sea around Martinique offers an exceptional diversity of landscapes. You will be astonished by the colours of the water and its transparency. The coasts, sometimes rough, are covered in exuberant vegetation. The seabeds, accessible to everyone, reveal their secrets to those who are curious. Bordered by coral reefs, they are rich in marine life. There is something special for every taste when taking an excursion on the Northern Sea of Martinique! Discover the abundance of flora and fauna that made this island famous all around the world. You will soon discover why Martinique is called “the Emerald of the Caribbean”.

There are so many things to do here, including swimming, snorkelling, submarine diving, fishing, kayaking, golfing, and so much more. The beaches are magnificent, with clear sand and water. During your catamaran excursion in Martinique you can see the bays of Case Pilote, Belle Fontaine, and Prêcheur. Among other places that are worth checking we can list Le Carbet, Fond Lahaye, and bay St. Pierre.

What are the advantages of going for an excursion on a catamaran?

A catamaran is made of two hulls placed parallel to each-other and tied by beams. Catamarans became more and more popular since their invention in Polynesia, where they were used exclusively for navigation. Today, catamarans are used in competitions, and to transport a large number of passengers for excursions or a mini cruise on a catamaran in Martinique. Catamarans are often more stable on water than traditional boats, which makes them safer for passengers. They are also, generally, larger, which makes them more stable and with more space for sunbathing and swimming.

The day excursions in a catamaran in northern Martinique present many advantages. They are normally more stable on water than traditional boats such as sailboats or yachts when heading out to the sea, which makes them perfect to do the tour at the coasts and the islands. They are also larger and can transport more people, which makes them perfect for large groups and families, with their deck and large cabin. Moreover, they offer great views of the landscape and many possibilities for suntanning and bathing. They are an excellent way to explore the coasts of Martinique with children or in a group.

Is it possible to observe the dolphins of Martinique?

Yes, you can often see dolphins near the northern coast of Martinique during a dolphin stroll in Martinique. In Fort-de-France, dolphins are not far from the port. There are also spots where it’s easier to see them: around St. Pierre and St. Anne. To be able to see them there is no easier way than embarking on a cruise in a catamaran with dolphins in Martinique, vous vivrez ainsi des moments inoubliables à bord de ce bateau agréable et spacieux. Pendant cette traversée en catamaran dauphins martinique , where you will live unforgettable moments on board this lovely and spacious boat. While crossing in a half-day catamaran with dolphins in Martinique you will go along the coasts up to Prêcheur, always with a great panorama of the island, and you will enjoy the company of dolphins. Among the dolphins you can spot in the Caribbean Sea we can name the Tursips Truncatus, Delphinus Delphis, and the Cephalorhyncus Hectori.

The Tursiops Truncatus is a marine mammal that can be up to 3.5 m long and be up to 150 kg. It has a slim body, a short beak with a bump in the front, and it doesn’t have visible teeth. On the other hand, it has truncated extremities fins, located on its back. This dolphin lives in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean waters, but can also be spotted in rivers.

The Delphinus Delphis is a marine mammal that is long around 2m and weighs between 20 to 25 kg. It has a long body, a mid-size tail, and black or grey fins located on the back. This dolphin doesn’t have visible teeth, and it feeds on squid and little fish.

The Cephalorhyncus Hectori is a marine mammal with a length from 1.9 to 2 metres and weights up to 80 Kg. It has a long fluted tail, a mid-size beak and a rounded head. This dolphin doesn’t have visible teeth and it often has a rounded head. It can live up to 30 years and it feeds of fish (among which eel), but also squid.

Charlotte L
Charlotte L
Unforgettable experience We went on our family outing and the experience was incredible, magnificent landscapes, an unforgettable day in a very good atmosphere. The skipper Laurent, like Jeremy, took the time to explain to us various very interesting things about the history and fauna of Martinique. The atmosphere there was friendly and warm. They also take into consideration the preservation and well-being of the dolphins that we were able to observe. We highly recommend. In addition we were able to sail with the sails which was pleasant and the catamaran was very clean.
Catamaran day at the top, very beautiful sites, very good meal Great day on a boat with the family, very beautiful catamaran, good snorking atmosphere Dolphins at the ready of mask snorkels excellent planter delicious meal
Céline L
Céline L
Great experience! Great experience! We spent the day as a family aboard this magnificent catamaran and had the chance to observe dolphins. The meal was delicious and the crew took great care! We recommend
Christine T
Christine T
A day at sea not to be missed A superb day on a spacious catamaran Captain Laurent and his skipper Morgan take great care Explanations on the history of Martinique and the dolphins we encountered A hearty meal and little financial touches with pineapple and chocolate THANKS
Just to see the dolphins not + To access the catamaran, the crew will pick you up in the annex. Going there is free. Day on board without really any atmosphere like you would expect to find in the Caribbean. Explanations on the history of Martinique interesting. Self-service meals, snacks and aperitifs. It's good but not really any Martinique specialties apart from the coconut blancmange and the yellow banana gratin which is very good. Lots of boat trips to go from one place to another. We were lucky to see dolphins in the morning and afternoon. It's actually the best time of the day. Anchorage near a cliff for snorkeling. Unfortunately I find that there are not many fish there. The big negative point was that almost all the people on board aged between 60 and 65 were not able to get off the boat to swim because the ladder to get back on is very small without ramps. You must be in good physical condition. So they spent the day waiting for those in the water. It's a shame !
Very nice experience We really enjoyed our day cruise with a top crew, the boat is very well maintained. The crew (boss, Max and Morgane) are really very friendly. The meals are up to par. We had a 14 month old baby, it wasn't a problem. We highly recommend.
Christophe G
Christophe G
The pearl of the North: an exceptional sea trip! Not to be missed! Exceptional sea trip!!! All the ingredients were there to make this day magical: very beautiful catamaran with super friendly captains, very clear in all their explanations, very good meal with no less good punch, beautiful atmosphere, pleasant HR swims and....lots of dolphins!!! Total love! we will come back!
Robert Z
Robert Z
Beautiful cruise Magnificent family day with great supervision. Cruise to be warmly recommended.
Day with family and friends Extra day!!!! Great welcome, very good atmosphere, we learned lots of great things thanks to Maxime and Morgan and we were amazed. THANKS !!!!!
karim k
karim k
Awesome Charming crew. Breakfast, lunch, snack, bar. Stories of things seen by the crew. Photographer on board (very beautiful photos) Great experience ❤️