Private Catamaran in Martinique


A DAY AT SEA! A real cruise

We can accommodate up to 28 passengers, with 2 crew members.

  • A la carte program, sailing, day trip on the Caribbean coast
  • With friends or family
  • Group/CE and Association
  • Gastronomic meal
  • Observation of cetaceans and the AGOA sanctuary
  • OPTIONAL : kayak – paddle – scuba diving – snorkeling – deep sea fishing

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Let’s go, together, to take the sea air!

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Privatize catamaran "Pelagia

Build at la Rochelle in the building site of Nautitech, PELAGIA es a cruising habitable catamaran of 62′ (circa 19m) ideal for navigating in the warm waters of the Caribbean with a shaded exterior area. Its design was created to carry around 28 passengers and 2 crew members per day for coastal navigation. The catamaran is equipped with 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms.

Its performance under sail will allow you to travel fast and in comfort, to enjoy the program of activities. PELAGIA is also very pleasant due to its deck layout, sunbathing area, and its “trampoline” in the front of the boat. It has a large cockpit very well protected from the sun, the rain, and the ocean spray, with a great “lounge spirit” salon with a sofa, and background music. PELAGIA hosts around its table all passengers on board for unforgettable moments. It allows you to discover, in a day, the universe of a trip on a boat. It can be hired privately according to your needs.

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Why take a sea excursion in Martinique?

The beauty of the island is the biggest attraction for tourists. Its natural resources are part of some of the greatest riches, and they must be preserved. The island is henceforth known around the world for its ecological value.

Departing from Fort-de France, it’s possible to visit many sites that belong to the UNESCO world heritage, as well as some archeological sites.

The weather is perfect for an excursion on a catamaran since the temperatures are always mild no matter the season. Actually, it’s possible to be at ease even wearing a t-shirt in October or November at 24°C.

There are many other advantages to going on a sea excursion it doesn’t matter if it’s in a sailboat, a motor boat, a catamaran, mono-hulls, pleasure boats, boats without a license, etc. and we can name a few: there are many activities you can enjoy in land and sea, the locals are friendly and welcoming, the prices are affordable compared to other Caribbean destinations, the coasts of Martinique are a beautiful discovery for sailors and tourists, the fauna and flora are impressive and absolutely beautiful.

Why choose to set sail with a catamaran?

The catamaran is a boat that offers great comfort on water while taking a stroll into the sea. It’s stable and easy to manoeuvre, without needing a big crew, which makes it perfect for a sail in Martinique. Equipped with two hulls, the catamaran offers a lot of space to move around, taking a sunbathe, and chill out. Also, it offers the possibility to store food and drinks in its refrigerated compartments in the cabin area, which allows you to enjoy your sea stroll without worrying about packing too many snacks and drinks.

The catamaran offers many advantages for a sea stroll. For example, it makes it possible to sail in full safety even under bad weather. The catamaran is also very stable, which makes it a good option for families and groups. It is also possible to take a sunbathe on the deck of the catamaran, or you can even take a bath in the sea. The catamaran is a perfect way to discover the coasts of Martinique!

Would it be an interesting option to hire a private catamaran in Martinique?

Yes, hiring a private catamaran could be an interesting option for a sea stroll in Martinique. This option will allow you to have full control of the boat and the itinerary, which makes it perfect for groups and families. There is also a possibility to personalise the trip according to your needs and interests. You can, for example, anchor in a cove, take a tour in the Island of Martinique, take a stroll to meet the dolphins and turtles, and enjoy a relaxing day with other tourists…

Another option available is the rental of a catamaran, but it includes other supplementary costs corresponding to the rental of the boat. It requires also respecting the conditions of the rental company, which could be somehow restrictive. When you hire a private excursion in a catamaran in Martinique, you can enjoy the advantages of rental a catamaran without its restrictions, while a skipper will take care care of the manouvre of the boat and of taking you where you wish to go. The local skipper would know the paradise spots and will help discover them while he masters sailing the catamaran.